Vlog Post - The Importance of Good Contracts!
Patrick McNamara
February 23, 2018
On this post, we take a few minutes to discuss the advantages to having contracts tailored to a particular business and transaction. We also discuss how deals can fall apart when businesses and customers fail to put their agreements in writing.
Mothers' Rights in the Workplace
Mandi Liston
January 30, 2018
Our associate attorney Mandi Liston and her super cute son August discuss important legal issues related to maternity leave, including requirements under the Family Medical Leave Act, mothers rights relating to breastfeeding, and other important issues facing mothers transitioning back to the workplace.
How the New Tax Plan May Affect Small Businesses (Our Best Attempt at a Summary)
Patrick McNamara
January 24, 2018
Under the new tax code, businesses known as “pass through entities” will likely feel the most significant impact, but also may derive the greatest benefit from creative business planning. Pass through entities are businesses such as LLCs, partnerships, and sole proprietorships. They are known as “pass through entities” because the businesses themselves do not have a tax liability, instead, any taxes that the business may owe “pass through” to the individual owners of the business.
Talking to Family Members About Aging!
Patrick McNamara
December 19, 2017
Welcome to everyone's favorite holiday topic! This week we're discussing the importance of talking to your family members about aging and estate planning.
McNamara Law Celebrates Two Milestones this Month!
Patrick McNamara
May 25, 2017
Our very own senior certified law clerk, Mandi Renee Liston, has graduated from the Creighton University School of Law. Mandi joined McNamara in March of 2016 as the Firm’s very first law clerk. From the beginning, Mandi demonstrated a keen command of law and tireless work ethic. Her infectious smile and genuine personality endeared her to clients and co-workers alike. Mandi’s work efforts and constant dedication have earned her a permanent spot on McNamara’s legal team. She will rejoin the office this fall as a first-year associate.
When it Rains it Pours: Why Contracts are Life Savers for Small Businesses
Dominique O'Connor
April 17, 2017
You’re a hard-working Nebraska startup that was recently acquired by Tesla (way to go)! What’s a savvy entrepreneur like you going to do? Celebrate of course! You email a few of your close friends and family to toast your success at an outside garden party. Being as well-connected as you are (way to network!), your friend Karen offers to cater the event. Karen made amazing food for your mum’s birthday last year, so you’re all about it. Plus, she gave you the friends and family discount (way to hustle!). You arrange for Karen to craft a delectable menu for fifty people, using only the freshest and most exclusive ingredients (because, after all it’s Tesla). The big day rolls around and…
Skeletons in Your Corporate Closet? 5 Things we Learned from the Bill O’Reilly Sexual Harassment Scandal.
Patrick McNamara
April 11, 2017
This is the first in our new series: The New Small Business Corp. Often, McNamara Law Firm will provide concise and accessible insights into legal issues affecting small businesses, start-ups, and local entrepreneurship. We’ll be sure to share these on Facebook as they become available!
Behind the Scenes with Patrick McNamara
Dominique O'Connor
February 10, 2017
As the new kid on the block, I decided to take a few minutes to get to know a little bit more about the man that signs my checks. Patrick’s story interested me from the start. Educated in New York, he moved to Omaha with his wife, Kate. Shortly after, he opened his own law firm. Within a year, he had a paralegal, Heidi. Not long after came his first law clerk, Mandi. With such a penchant for selecting talent and representing clientele, I had to see what drove the man with the plan.
Get Serious about Succession Planning
Dominique O'Connor
February 8, 2017
Recently, the National Law Review posted an article about the benefits and wisdom of law firm succession planning. In the article, the writers spoke about the concerns and considerations of succession planning in law firms. However, such concerns span across both the legal and business field. Here’s why…
Flag on the Play - Should Trademark Registrations be Subject to Scrutiny Over Whether They are Disparaging?
Mandi Liston
June 13, 2016
Between the lawsuits, media discussion, and public “outcry”, it is very likely you have heard about the controversy surrounding the Washington Redskins trademark dispute. Different courts have ruled, overruled, and ruled again that the registered trademark “Redskins” is disparaging to Native Americans and therefore not registerable (please note; a trademark can still protected even without federal registration). Now the Redskins are looking to be backed by the Supreme Court.
Overtime Pay for Overtime Workers
Mandi Liston
June 1, 2016
A big change is coming to businesses and employees across the nation. On Wednesday May 18, the Labor Department issued new regulations that would double the threshold under which salaried workers must be paid overtime. The rule that takes effect December 1, raises the salary for employees that qualify for overtime from $23,660 to $47,476.
Requiring Employees to "Stay Positive" Might be Overstepping Bounds
Mandi Liston
May 23, 2016
Thanks to the mathematicians over at Ask.com, it has been determined that about one-third or 30 percent of human life is spent working. The average working week in the United States consists of 40 hours of work. Most people take a few holidays every year. On an average, most people spend about 25 to 30 years of their lives working. Armed with this knowledge, it would appear to be in the best interest of both employers and employees to make the most of those years. However, if you happen to find yourself having a bad day at work, it is now your legal right to do so.
California Judge Gives the Green Light to Uber Sexual Assault Claims
Mandi Liston
May 20, 2016
Did you ever wonder who would be responsible if you were injured while on an Uber ride? What about if you are attacked? Are you stuck going after the driver, or can you hold Uber accountable? We’re one step closer to getting that answer.
Committing is More Than Saying ‘Yes’
Patrick McNamara
April 21, 2016
Young attorneys are busy. Whether as a result of overly ambitious billable hour requirements, familial responsibilities, involvement in extracurricular or professional organizations, or some combination thereof, our available time is at a premium. As a result, we need to exercise care when choosing how to commit that time. And it’s not only our time that should be considered when making these choices. There are a range benefits and consequences that need to be weighed before agreeing to take on a new role or activity.
Short Introduction to Sexual Harassment Claims in Nebraska
Patrick McNamara
November 11, 2015
Workplaces are supposed to be a comfortable environment for employees to come and do their work. It is far too common for women to be victims of sexual harassment in the workplace. The most common way that a claim for sexual harassment arises is simply from an overall workplace culture that creates a hostile work environment.
If you have customers, you need a sales agreement tailored to your business.
Patrick McNamara
November 7, 2015
Much of the litigation that we deal with at McNamara Law Firm arises from contracts that go bad. And often, the reason they goes bad is because the people involved never fully understand what they are agreeing to. People generally expect that the deals they make are going to go smoothly. But It can be tough to anticipate what might go wrong with an agreement before something actually goes wrong.
Ode to the Legal Pad
Patrick McNamara
April 9, 2015
Thank you to whomever invented the legal pad. While I love my Retina iPad, iPhone with super fast LTE connectivity, and 5mm thin 27” iMac, arguably none of them have had such an impact on my productivity as the lowly legal pad. I suspect there are not many readers of this magazine that would disagree with me.
Great Article about McNamara Law Published in the March 2015 issue of the Omaha Bar Association Newsletter
Patrick McNamara
March 13, 2015
If you've been to an OBA event in the past two years, there’s a good chance that you heard a voice in the crowd that’s different from the rest; its speed, cadence and pronunciation giving away its northern East Coast origin. Full of energy, ideas, and always willing to talk about the finer points of New York Mets baseball, Patrick McNamara makes quite an impression on those he meets. “That’s the idea,” Patrick says with a smile, “it’s good to be known.”
Why You Need a Will (Especially if you have kids)
Patrick McNamara
February 18, 2015
The Last Will and Testament is a legal document that specifies the manner in which you would like your assets to be distributed after death. There are a number of other benefits a will can provide as well. For example, in Nebraska, the Will is the only place to direct who shall care for your children following your death.
Why DeflateGate IS a big deal.
Patrick McNamara
February 12, 2015
Throughout much of late January, I saw a fair number of Facebook posts and media commentary saying that the Patriots should not be punished for cheating. Some argued that tampering with the footballs shouldn't even be considered cheating. They argued that it had no effect on the outcome of the game and that everyone looks for a competitive advantage, whether legal or not.