Utilizing McNamara Law Firm’s General Outside Counsel service allows you the benefits of a dedicated legal team without having to keep an attorney on staff.  Retaining McNamara Law Firm as your outside counsel allows us to have an intimate relationship with your business.  We can work closely with your business to create the necessary environment to not only resolve issues as they arise, but anticipate and prevent issues from even occurring.
McNamara Law Firm General Outside Counsel service can be tailored to the needs of your company to create the most impactful relationship for your business as possible.
Our outside counsel services can include:
State corporate filing and reporting
Fiduciary duties
Employment matters, including drafting employee handbooks and communications
Commercial contracts, licensing agreements and strategic transactions
Corporate governance, board and shareholder resolutions, consents, directors meetings, shareholder meetings and minutes
Raising capital
Executive compensation, including stock options and restricted stock agreements
Equity and non-equity based incentive compensation
Trademark, patent and other intellectual property protection
Litigation, arbitration and risk management
Acquiring real estate, purchasing equipment, and commercial leasing
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